Become a Volunteer for our Chapter

Volunteer Opportunities

IIBA Dallas is a all-volunteer organization.

Board of Directors

The chapter will replace Board of Directors as their term expires or on an as needed basis.  The Board Member term is a two-year commitment.  The amount of work involved for each position depends on the position, the level of commitment of the individual, and direction from IIBA international.  All board members participate in current and future programming, attend Board discussions and attend a majority of chapter meetings.  

The individual positions are:  

Vice President of Membership: The VP of Membership shall oversee all activities related to acquiring, supporting, and maintaining membership data and attendance rosters including the annual renewal process. The VP of Membership shall create membership drives and register event guests.

Vice President of Engagement:  The VP of Engagement will be responsible for using branded content to establish relationships with companies that have an interest in Business Analysis.  The VP of Engagement will work with the Board leadership to develop a strategy for corporate outreach.  The VP of Engagement will work with Board leadership and the VP of Membership to plan and coordinate an annual professional networking event for business analysts, Chapter members, recruiters and companies.  The VP of Engagement is also responsible for assisting the VP of Membership with growing Chapter membership. 

If you are interested in one of these positions, talk to the person who is currently in the position or any board member. There are positions for every personality. Being on the board lets you get to know other BA professionals and grow friendships. It exposes you to other ways of thinking about the profession...

..and it looks great on your resume.

Even if you don't think you can commit to the full position,  there are times when the board member could use some extra help. Just volunteer with the board member.