Professional Development

Professional Development

Everybody can grow in their profession. The Dallas IIBA helps with that growth through two major initiatives.

Professional Development Day 

The Professional Development Day (PDD) is a 1-day seminar that covers topics to help you grow in the profession. Many of the topic in the PDD can be used as Professional Development Units (PDUs) and Continuing Development Units (CDUs) for Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification.  

CBAP Rally and Application Seminar

 To earn a CBAP certification, you must qualify for and pass the certification test. For most people, the harder part of the certification is the application process where you prove that you qualify to take the test.

The Dallas IIBA chapter has periodic CBAP rallies during our regular monthly meetings. In this meeting, you will learn what is needed to qualify for the CBAP certification testing.

If you are ready to try for your certification, Alpha Institute, endorsed by the Dallas IIBA, presents a 1-day seminar  on the application process. This seminar takes you through the complete application process, including what experience is "qualified" experience.

Professional Development for the CBAP

Getting and keeping your CBAP certification requires that you take a certain number of PDUs/CDUs. These opportunities are provided by IIBA International. You need 21 PDUs to get the certification and 60 CDUs in 3 years to maintain the certification.

To get PDU credit, a presentation must meet the following requirements:


  • It must be moderated/facilitated similar to a formal course (i.e., there must be a moderator for the session, or a facilitator/instructor who leads the group/individual through the material).   
  •  There must be a measurable learning objective (or set of objectives), and those must be directly applicable to the role of the business analyst (i.e., in terms of either changing behaviour or improving skills). 
  • It cannot simply be a presentation on a specific topic: 
    • There must be the opportunity for students to interact with the material (e.g., be able to ask questions, make the learning meaningful) AND 
    • An opportunity to practice the task or objective being presented and, be assessed by the facilitator/moderator. 
  • The subject matter must be directly related to business analysis or its underlying competencies as per the BABOK® Guide.   

With some exceptions, one CDU is usually earned for every hour spent in a planned, structured learning experience or professional activity. 


Some webinars qualify for CDUs. IIBA International provides webinars at this location.

Endorsed Education Providers

You can find a list a education providers that are endorsed by IIBA International at: